Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Hawaii is all that and more

The family went to Hawaii last year for our big summer trip. And it was epic! I have more photos here, but photos of course do not do this state justice. This might be the least surprising thing you have read, but I always thought the cost of going, the time in the plane, all that, would not be worth it. Whelp, I was dead wrong.

Highlights of the trip, the weather, the beaches, and the people. Interestingly, most of those we met who lived on the islands, we not Hawaiians or folks born in the state. 

Most of them were transplants who came to Hawaii for either work (military) or vacation and just kinda stayed there. I was worried we would lose Nohora! There is that worry in the back of your head that tourists are making life on the island worse for those who live there, but most of what we saw is not that black and white. Sure, tourists are an issue. We are loud, we buy up property and drive up home prices and then don't even live in the houses for most of the year, we drink all the fresh water, things like that. On the other side of that coin, tourism is their number one way the island makes money. ABC stores alone got like $1,000 from us while we were there. 

The big fire on Maui happened less than a month after we left. While we were there a fire started next to our hotel. The wind is amazing and the smallest flame can spread in no-time. We were heartbroken but not shocked. 

Well, not that you needed someone to tell you this, but go to Hawaii. Don't worry about the cost, it's likely the same as going to Disney World or something like that. Just less standing in line and more laying on a beach chair and sipping on Mai Tais. 

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