Monday, January 25, 2010

Mikey's Birthday

Mikey's Birthday
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My Godson Mikey turned five this weekend and Nohora and I went to his birthday party at the Lego Store in Arundel Mills Mall. Have you not heard of a Lego store? I hadn't either but after this weekend I feel like I was robbed as a child. All the kids got a box of legos to play with an instructions on what they could build. After the party ended the kids got to keep their creations and it was on to the food court for cake!

This has to be more fun than Chucky Cheese was when I was a kid. Well, Chucky Cheese had pizza and arcade games which was pretty boss. Do they even exist anymore? Arcade games that is, not Chucky Cheese. I think Chucky Cheese still exists. They changed their name to Dave and Busters.

So what was my point? Oh yea, happy birthday Mikey. Nohora and I loved your Star Wars cake. Click on Nohora to see all the pictures of the party. This one was my favorite.


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