Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Little Sister's Wedding 9-27-2008

My little sister is getting married today (in about 5 hours!) and I wanted to write something about it but couldn't think of anything special. So I thought I would put down what I wrote on the card I gave them. It should be explained that the card was not a wedding card. It simply said "You succeeded! and "Congratulations!" I explain why it wasn't a wedding card below....

Happy birthday? Merry Christmas? Happy Festivs? CVS didn't have a decent amount of wedding cards. Most were WAY to hokey and apparently Maine doesn't have enough minorities to warrant a Mahogany section. I hope you guys keep your wedding cards in a box so years from now you can look back and see how funny I was. "Oh that Scott" you will say, "he was one funny guy. Too bad about that blimp disaster." Where was I? Oh yeah, weddings! I hope you have a fun one and that all family members are still talking to each other afterwards. You guys seem to get along and that's all you really need I would think. Everything from here on out is all part of the journey. Have fun and don't sweat the small stuff. Don't sweat in general if you can avoid it. It's not attractive on anyone.

Your Bother (in law),



p.s. you can find pictures of the event on my flickr account

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