Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friday people!

It's Friday and I am in a rare good mood. Well, it's not rare for me to be in a good mood on a Friday, but I was in a good mood yesterday as well. I was trying to think about why I was in such a good mood and I traced it back to having watched Arrested Development on Wednesday night. I know I'm late to this party and that everyone loves this show already so forgive me. Are there four seasons or three? I watch this show on HDNET and only when I happen to remember to record it. It's one of those shows you can start watching at almost any time of the series and still "get it." At least that's how I feel. So go out and rent Arrested Development if you have not seen it before. It will seriously put you in a better mood. I might try and put it to the ultimate test and watch it on a Monday night and see how I feel on Tuesday.


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